Constable Evan Evans Mystery

St. Martin’s Minotaur
Evan Evans is a constable in Llanfair, a quiet Welsh village. Out-of-towners are viewed with suspicion and even the return of a former resident after a long absence raises eyebrows; after all, he left as a young man and didn’t even return for his father’s funeral. Likewise, his plans to develop the land into a tourist attraction were unwelcome to a number of residents.

Then, a well-liked retired man who visited annually from London discovered a ruin, possibly the burial site of a saint, which might attract significant traffic to Llanfair. On the heels of this discovery, the man is found dead. Was it an accident? Evans doesn’t think so, especially when the other person whose plans might disturb the peace of the town is also killed.

As if all this were not enough to keep him busy, Evans finds it necessary to pay more attention to an admired local woman or risk losing his chance with her when an attractive young London woman moves into town with her young daughter.

The second in a series started with “Evans Above”, this cozy mystery is a delightful read full of charming, well-developed characters and local color. Bowen’s writing is engaging and the story is evenly paced.

The cover notes fans of M.C. Beaton’s books will like these. I’m unfamiliar with Beaton’s work, but will definitely give it a try.

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