Bug Report:

If you click on items in the “Other Personnel” box, they will be deleted. This is on the fix list.

I’ve had some difficulty “deploying” this application via regular .exe files because of the variability of systems. I’m working now on learning to deploy it via the internet. It took me two months off to learn Visual Basic – I hope the learning curve for ASP will not be as steep.

One of the reasons to put this out for testing is to see if you can break it! Don’t hesitate to try all kinds of things and see what works and what doesn’t work. This is the first computer program I’ve written in 20 years, in a new language, so I’d really appreciate hearing what you think are problems with it!

WatchPicker and WatchClock Zip files are now self-extracting and will install all files in c:\Program Files\ automatically – you still have to make a shortcut to desktop or menu bar, though.
Click on the following links to get the zip files for the programs. Readme file includes that info.

I don’t know if this will work on a Mac. It was designed on a Windows XP PC and you may need to install them. NetFramework program to run it. Even so, it may not run on all computers. Strangely, it works on only one of the XP computers we have at Station 10.

WatchPicker contains programs for input of station personnel with tour, rig and seniority information for a double company. The watch generation program automatically generates a watch and detail list for the day gives credit to the personnel for watches worked, and allows for the manual assignment of watches and details. The preferences portion allows you to put in the watch and detail order for your house.

This is a demo version with information already input for Station 10. You could probably use it but it is not quite done – needs a couple of reports, functions, and security, and there are still a couple of bugs, plus I’m trying to figure out how to make this easier to install.

Included as a demo function is the ability to reset the post date so you can play with the program and run the Generate Watches page after it has already posted. See Main Menu –> Admin for the reset.

WatchClock is a little utility program that’s included with the WatchPicker, but is packaged separately. It has the tour calendars in it for 2006 – 2009, and if you pick a date, it will show you the tours due to work that day. This would be a handy program to have for trying to schedule things with people in the department, including trades, etc.